Letter to Sir Laurence Dundas
Translation needed

Translation needed

One thought on “Letter to Sir Laurence Dundas

  1. A letter to Sir Laurence Dundas,
    when I consider what you have already done for my « behoof » and that it may never again happen to be in your way to assist my emissaries as ()erly I (could) not forbear lamenting your late misfortune to recapitulate all your services would be endless in their fortune, you grasped that opportunity to get money by the death of thousands of families— In Germany when commissary to the army you sent thousands to the pits of hell for want of bread. Since commencing Baronet you have been no less assiduous in (join)ing my kingdom by encouraging all manner of wickedness by gaming, drinking, false swearing to serve your and my ends, for all which services you may assure yourself of being made a fruit/part of my kingdom and my privy councilor forever
    I am yours,
    The devil

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